How To Create Individual Space Within Shared Bedrooms?

Most of the times, parents have to accommodate their children inside just one bedroom for the sake of conserving some space. Sharing bedrooms are common all over the world. However, quite unfortunately, many kids love to have a private space. When the sleeping spaces feel cramped, it results in fights every night. However, it is very much possible to convert shared bedrooms into productive and peaceful spaces where siblings can easily get along while each of them can have their private space to sleep. So, how exactly can you give that individual space to every single child? Here are some ideas that you must consider.

First and foremost idea for creating private bedroom spaces in shared bedrooms of your apartment for rent in Hartford CT is to get some bunk beds. They help in conserving space as they utilize vertical space that usually goes unused. These beds offer a private space for every occupant of the room so that they can relax and read, sleep or get involved in different activities like puzzle making, coloring or drawing.

This idea can be taken to the next level if you install curtains on these beds to give more private space to every individual in the room. You can even buy canopies from different companies that can be used on top of these beds. Similar sort of covering can be made for lower bunks as well only by fashioning a fabric piece between two dividers. This is something that the kids love because it allows them to easy tuck away when they do not want anybody else to disturb them.

It is also a good idea to add small-sized teepees or tends in the kids’ rooms. You can find free-standing models and completely disconnected ones from platform beds or bunk beds. You can also fold them and carry them with you whenever you want to have greater space. Such flexibility allows the kids to change their living spaces whenever they like according to the activities they want to indulge in. This is a perfect idea for the dwellers of Hartford apartments.

It is always a great idea to divide the room into two by using a bead curtain or cloth which can be hung from a ceiling and goes across the room. This is not just a functional way of doing the job, but it also addresses the aesthetic aspect as well. It is possible for you to invest in different options which blend perfectly with other decorative elements and dividers used in the room.

When the shared bedrooms in your apartments in Hartford need some privacy, investing in privacy screens can be a great idea. This type of standing partition remains upright without any support because of folded leaves. This way, children can be kept from seeing one another, and they can be made to think that they have a separate room of their own.